An Open Letter to Cory Booker

Cory_Booker_2013Dear Cory Booker,

Congratulations! In case you haven’t heard, you won the special senate election in New Jersey yesterday! Man, am I glad. I think you’re great. What’s not to like about a brilliant, well-spoken, innovative politician who has set out a serious foundation for change in a complicated city like Newark? I especially appreciate the empathy you’ve shown as Mayor — from the love you show your constituents on social media to your week on food stamps to shine a light on the plight of millions of Americans strugglng with food insecurity. And thank goodness you saved us from your ultra-conservative, pro-life in all cases, anti-gay marriage opponent Steve Lonegan. Dodged that bullet!

So I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is you’re a senator! The bad news is… you’re a senator.

I get that the Senate is the next logical step for you on your way to the White House (no need to be coy, it’s just you and me here) but boy did you pick a rough Congress to waltz into. This isn’t your granddaddy’s Senate. You can’t just hang out, fly under the radar as a moderate democrat and not get slaughtered for it in a presidential primary with an attack from the left. Nope. You’re waltzing into a minefield.

All eyes are on you — tread carefully! Be liberal, but not too liberal. Make friends across the aisle, but don’t get too cozy. If (God forbid) something happens that causes the US to consider military intervention, think carefully about what your vote means. Don’t vote the wrong way on immigration, abortion, the environment, gun control, gay rights, pipelines, minimum wage, charter schools, or taxes, or we’ll crucify you for it down the line. Oh, and while you’re doing all that, don’t forget to try to represent the people who elected you there in the first place. Good luck!

If you haven’t driven yourself crazy after a few years of all that and still feel like being the leader of the free world, we’ll be here, madly cheering you on.

Until then, you got this. Chat soon.


A College Democrat

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