Paul Manafort: Friend to Tyrants. Washington Insider. Nothing Unusual.

Paul Manafort resigned last Friday after new revelations about his connection to Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine. But Yanukovych is not Manafort’s first dictator, and Manafort is not Washington’s first insider with dangerous international ties.

“You Won’t Be Killed if You Don’t Do Anything Wrong”: The Philippines on the Eve of Duterte’s Presidency

Rodrigo Duterte has won the Philippines’ election with an almost unprecedented mandate. No one knows what will happen when he takes office on June 30th, but one thing is certain: there will be blood.

Now at the Head of the Republican Field, Where Does Ted Cruz Go From Here?

Much to Donald Trump’s terror, Ted Cruz is rapidly becoming the Republican front runner. What can we make of this new lead? What might a Cruz ticket mean for the Republican party?

Truth Matters: A Journey into the World of Birther Conspiracy Theorists

Birther videos do not exist in a vacuum. Instead, they are part of a sustained and extant movement that has retained an astoundingly large viewership over the past seven years.

U.S. and China Find Common Ground on Afghanistan

While the outcome of June’s US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue was decidedly mixed, there was one clear bright spot among the items on the agenda: Afghanistan. Indeed, the State Department dossier on the June meeting went so far as to use the word “coordination” to describe US-China involvement in the region—a word markedly absent from …