La democracia peruana en riesgo — Una mirada a la candidatura de Pedro Castillo

Aún así, considerando que la crisis institucional tiende a amplificar los llamados al cambio drástico, existe la posibilidad de que el Perú pudiera ser gobernado, en unos meses, por un Marxista-Leninista. Una mirada exhaustiva al manifiesto de su partido, escrito el año pasado, revelará los peligros aterradores que representa esta posibilidad para la consolidación de un Perú próspero y democrático.

Peruvian Democracy at Risk: A Review of Pedro Castillo’s Presidential Candidacy

Since moments of institutional crisis tend to amplify calls for drastic change, there remains the possibility that Peru could be governed by a Marxist-Leninist in a few months’ time. An exhaustive look into his party’s 2020 manifesto will reveal just how dangerous this prospect is to the consolidation of a democratic and prosperous Peru.

On Historical Memory in Colombia: A Conversation with Martin Nova

In any case, I don’t see myself as a collector of interviews—what I really want to do is to tell stories. And so what I found is that the tool of the interview is very useful. When you begin a real dialogue with someone, you find that everyone has something to tell, a story to share, but we need to listen.

The Fate and Legacy of Colombia’s Álvaro Uribe Velez

These reactions can only be understood in the context of Uribe’s legacy as one of the most transformative and influential Latin American statesmen of the 21st century, a man who has been both the protagonist of Colombia’s recovery from the depths of its late-twentieth-century crisis and the center of its current political polarization.