“War Music”: Adaptation and Other Responses to Homer

With the fervor of its political and theological themes, the irrepressible energy of War Music helps the modern reader understand Homer’s epic not as a corpse to be autopsied under the cold lights of the seminar room, but a national mythos suitable for the church, the (movie) theater, the bar, and the Rose Garden, all at once.

Mr. Scaramucci Goes to Washington: An Interview with President Trump’s Former Communications Director

“I got an 11-day PhD in Washington scumbaggery. I have a better idea of how these people operate now, and what they’re really all about, and how they really don’t give a shit about the American people.”

The Coming Revolution in Higher Ed

It seems conceivable that within a generation, a significant percentage—if not an outright majority—of American students will not attend a four-year, on-campus university. The average American student might settle for a combination of classes at their local community college to supplement their main course of study, a smattering of online certificates from Harvard, Google, and other big-name schools and corporations. The rich universities will get richer; the poor will close.

American Art in the Age of Corporate Consolidation

From Marilyn Monroe serenading a youthful, ebullient President Kennedy to George Lucas offering A New Hope in the midst of the Cold War, Hollywood has captured the political and cultural zeitgeist of each successive generation of Americans… The story of Hollywood is the story of America, and its decline forebodes a narrower, more sterile future for all of us.