The models, photographers, and editors of the fashion world may have jetted to Milan for Fashion Week, but the real runway show started on Tuesday, when Pope Francis landed stateside. Pope Francis is more than the 266th Pope, more than the shepherd of a billion-person flock. He’s a style icon.

Let’s examine the looks of Pope Francis and his faithful.


Pope Francisco is a vision in white. White is the color of people who are so poised that they do not fear the coffee spill, or the stray flecks of spaghetti sauce, or the dirt and grime of the human realm. White is the color of people who have transcended. White is the color of the #blessed.

The sleeves are a tad long, though.


This color story is fantastic. The black is slimming, but lest it become a little too sinister, the fuchsia comes in with that pop of color. The sashes nicely accentuate the curves, creating that hourglass shape that every cardinal is looking for.

Bonus points to the gentleman second from the left on his creative use of the scarf as headgear.


These nuns are hardcore normcore. And the clean, streamlined take on the traditional habit nicely updates this look for the millennial nun.

Plus, these women are modeling the first commandment of fall fashion: layers, layers, layers. Adopting a monochromatic palate is an easy way to layer in style.

Monochrome and layers?


The nuns show how easy it is to be inspired by both Jesus and Yeezus.


Black does nothing for black women — we can #werk in white and gold and red and blue and every rich, saturated color under the rainbow. (Case in point: every single thing Lupita Nyong’o wore during the red carpet race leading up to her Oscar win.)

But, dear reader, Michelle Obama is a master statesman, and a master statesman knows when to step back and let her guest of honor take the fashion spotlight. Pope Francis cuts a stunning figure in white — Michelle’s black dress means that all eyes are on him.

That, along with the President’s silvery white tie, makes for excellent fashion diplomacy.

I commend the National Security Council and the State Department on their work.

Photo Credits: CNN.

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