A Primer on 2021 Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is a time-honored tradition in American politics. Every ten years, in the states that have sufficient power, Democrats or Republicans figure out how to draw lines to lock in their legislative power as comprehensively and permanently as they can. Gerrymandering works by drawing lines in a certain way to maximize the number of seats a party wins, either in the House of Representatives or in the State House and State Senate.

Do the VA and NJ results spell trouble for Democrats?

In November, Democrats lost a Governor’s race in Virginia, a state Biden won by 10, and they barely held on in New Jersey even though Biden won it by 16 just a year earlier. National media outlets and so-called political experts were quick to chalk the losses up to Biden’s lowered popularity and Congressional Democrats’ inability to deliver on his Build Back Better agenda. There’s little doubt that the national political headwinds contributed to the party’s struggles last month, but the story may be more complicated.

Are states helping with climate change?

…the federal government must ultimately be the leader on climate policy; states can aid and increase the work the federal government does to drive deeper cuts, but because so many of them will be unwilling to lift a finger to help. Only the national government will be able to force emissions reductions in every state.

The End of the Electoral College?

The Electoral College is closer to death than most people realize. It may seem like the only way to change the US’s peculiar election process is through the Constitution, which would be almost impossible in today’s political environment. However, there’s another path available to those who hope to end the Electoral College. The National Popular …

The Weight of the World: The Impacts of Media on Olympic Athletes

Because of the new collective consumption of news due to social media and the rise of clickbait and controversy as journalistic tactics, the Olympics have become a pressure test for athletes: either falter and face widespread criticism, or rise to the occasion and become a national icon.