Virus Economics: A Conversation with Austan Goolsbee

Right now everyone is moving to rural and small urban areas. But urbanization is a fundamental, monotonic trend economic force –– we’re more productive when we’re near each other. People move to cities because they can share ideas and collaborate directly.

Myanmar in Crisis: Amid the Struggle for Democracy, Where Do the Rohingya Belong?

“He is an artist, so he used his platform to speak out against the military junta,” Stanley said. “And we haven’t heard from him. And we’re very nervous.”

Symptoms of Inequity: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Israel and Palestine

“The [COVID-19] virus, which knows no borders, floods the West Bank, unleashing a terrible spread that… Palestinians are simply not prepared to deal with,” said Chaufan. “And nobody in their sane mind would expect that a system that has been assaulted for decades is prepared to deal with that.”