Rousseau’s “Sad and Great System”: A Conversation with Professor Storey

Among Rousseau’s greatest concerns was human dividedness. How does Rousseau suggest solving this problem? After leading a seminar organized by the Yale Buckley Program in June, Professor Benjamin Storey at Furman University sat down with The Politic over Zoom to offer some explanations.

On Historical Memory in Colombia: A Conversation with Martin Nova

In any case, I don’t see myself as a collector of interviews—what I really want to do is to tell stories. And so what I found is that the tool of the interview is very useful. When you begin a real dialogue with someone, you find that everyone has something to tell, a story to share, but we need to listen.

Mr. Scaramucci Goes to Washington: An Interview with President Trump’s Former Communications Director

“I got an 11-day PhD in Washington scumbaggery. I have a better idea of how these people operate now, and what they’re really all about, and how they really don’t give a shit about the American people.”