An Interview with Henry Giroux, the McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest

“We need to reclaim public and higher education as a public good, as a democratic public sphere that is absolutely vital for educating students to be engaged and critical citizens. That should be as important as national defense.”

An Interview with Shani Hilton, Executive Editor at BuzzFeed News

“The thing about Buzzfeed that’s really cool is that we have a bunch of different identities – you can see that both in the types of people who work in the newsroom and the content we produce. We really try to reach people where they are. And that means that we have to maintain a lot of different identities at once.”

An Interview with Andrew Flowers, Quantitative Editor at FiveThirtyEight

I definitely wanted to write for a popular audience, I just didn’t know it would be from the nitty-gritty world of journalism rather than the “Ivory Tower high-horse” position, so to speak. We like to say data journalism is social science on deadline. So I think I’ve kind of melded these two worlds.

An Interview with Uri Friedman, Senior Editor at The Atlantic

Read this interview with Uri Friedman, who tells us about his experiences as Global Editor of The Atlantic. In this interview, Friedman discusses coverage of the Iran Deal, online journalism, and what it’s like to edit for a major publication.

An Interview with Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight’s Senior Political Analyst

”Being at FiveThirtyEight allows me to expound and explain what I’m doing statistically. We also have very smart people in the room– statistically smart people. Instead of there being one or two of those, there’s seven or eight or nine of them. If I want to ask a question or bounce an idea off of someone, it’s very rare that I won’t be able to have the opportunity to do that.