Standing in Solidarity: Supporting International Students During Trump, COVID, and Beyond

By design, the US immigration system is broken, making it hard for international students to come to America. But the Trump administration and the COVID-19 pandemic have not only revealed issues around F-1 visas and taxing financial aid packages, but they have also worsened them

Understanding the DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Yale’s Race Conscious Admissions Within the History of Asian Americans and Anti-Blackness

Historical contextualization of the model minority myth and Asian American history in the US allows us to understand how Asian social mobility has been inextricably linked with anti-Blackness.

Dining at a Distance: A Dispatch from New Haven During the Early Days of the Pandemic

Though restaurants in the New Haven area surrounding Yale are experiencing some of the same general economic effects associated with the novel coronavirus that all restaurants across the United States suffer from, the area’s affiliation with the university has brought about a particularly dramatic change to operations.