Dorm Storm: Yale’s campus sees a flurry of political activity—but to what end?

Connecticut’s 60 Democratic delegates will be apportioned after 2,794 delegates from other states are already determined. While most students can vote in their home states with absentee ballots, Yale’s geographically diverse student body makes mobilizing students difficult.

Place, Nations, Generations, Beings: Students Inspire University-wide Investment in Indigenous Art

“This project has always been about increasing visibility, better representing Native people, and having the opportunity to better educate non-Native people about our societies, knowledge, and cultures.”

Protest in Paradise

Yale’s adventures in furthering this light, disclosed themselves to Zulfi, however, to be identical to those undertaken by 18th Century imperialists. From the financing of Departments like Global Affairs, to continuing support for a man infamous for sexual assault allegations, Zulfi saw their first-year beloved reveal itself. They wrote on their capstone’s website, “There is no Lux here, and certainly no Veritas, but a lot of U.S. dollars.”