Brnovich: Voting Rights Rewritten

The United States thus finds itself in a somewhat circular predicament. The protection of voting rights depends on a body that is elected under voting procedures that increasingly curtail the access of minorities to the political process and whose institutional barriers prevent the majority of the voters from having their will heard.

Different Markets and New Solutions: Are Amateur Investors Spared from the Effects of HFT?

ransforming time from a continuous variable to a system where frequent auctions are held and processed with groups of orders would eliminate the millisecond race that High-frequency traders are after while spurring competition.

Reform and Scrutiny: How Politicians and Regulators can Collaborate to Decrease HFT’s Volatility

In addition to paying close attention to the behavior of High-Frequency Traders, politicians must coordinate bipartisan, large-scale responses to economic crises in order to properly recover and diminish the harm that comes from the next one.