Swinging Between Individualism and Collectivism: The Existential Contradiction Behind Dating Apps

In the not-too-distant future, people will ask couples “Did you meet face to face or on a dating app?” But why did we grow such a fondness for these dating applications? What does this new order reveal about ourselves?

My Experience at Bitcoin 2022

Last weekend, I was one of the almost 30,000 crypto-passionate people who descended onto Miami beach in anticipation of Bitcoin 2022, the largest, most influential cryptocurrency conference in the world. Touting influential speakers from a variety of different fields as well as innovative companies selling groundbreaking blockchain products and services, the conference took over Miami beach.

Breaking Free: Joshua Bassett’s Journey Back from the Brink of Death

“I realized that when you don’t have love for yourself then when other people hate you, it reconfirms the hate you already have for yourself. So you believe them – or when you have shame – you think you are unworthy of love,” Bassett said.

Change Can’t Be Choreographed: The Messy Racial Politics of the Super Bowl Halftime Show

We shouldn’t just relish this Halftime Show as an entertaining concert and ignore its troubling politics, because that’s what the NFL wants. The confused politics fade into the background, and viewers are left with fond memories of a celebratory performance of hip-hop.

Crises of Dual Identities: a Blessing or a Curse?

The 2022 Winter Olympics has seen American-born athletes of Chinese descent diverge on different paths in the games. For example, Yale’s very own Nathan Chen competed and won gold for Team USA, while freestyle skier Eileen Gu and figure skater Zhu Yi chose to compete for China. How do these individuals reconcile being American citizens while having deep roots in another country — especially one with which the U.S. has such a complex relationship?