The Weight of the World: The Impacts of Media on Olympic Athletes

Because of the new collective consumption of news due to social media and the rise of clickbait and controversy as journalistic tactics, the Olympics have become a pressure test for athletes: either falter and face widespread criticism, or rise to the occasion and become a national icon.

Reform and Scrutiny: How Politicians and Regulators can Collaborate to Decrease HFT’s Volatility

In addition to paying close attention to the behavior of High-Frequency Traders, politicians must coordinate bipartisan, large-scale responses to economic crises in order to properly recover and diminish the harm that comes from the next one.

The Past Century Belonged to the Gas-Powered Automobile. Electric Cars Could Dominate the Next.

The environmental impact of the gas car highlights the pressing need for climate-focused transportation reform. But how can the American dependency on cars be reconciled with the urgency of decarbonization in the transportation sector?