Changing the Consensus: Australian Students Confront Culture of Sexual Assault

Over the last eight months, high school students across Australia have voiced their experiences of sexual assault in an online campaign called Teach Us Consent. Thousands of testimonies, spanning generations, are exposing the rampant culture of sexual assault in high schools. For many, the campaign has illuminated the Australian education system’s failures.

When the Disappeared Is Your Brother: A Conversation with Rayhan Asat, Uyghur Rights Lawyer

Rayhan Asat is a 2021-2022 Yale World Fellow whose brother is being held in solitary confinement as part of China’s genocide against the Uyghur minority. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Rayhan is an international human rights lawyer and advocate fighting for the release of her brother and freedom for all Uyghur people.

A Nation Ablaze: Erdoğan and the Fires He Can’t Put Out

When Derya Kır, a 25-year old lawyer who works as a volunteer at Greenpeace, travelled from his home to provide emergency aid to villages along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey last August, he came across an old lady sitting outside of her fire-blackened house. Kır asked what the woman planned to do next. She did not know; all of her belongings, life savings, and animals had been consumed by the fire.

The Weight of the World: The Impacts of Media on Olympic Athletes

Because of the new collective consumption of news due to social media and the rise of clickbait and controversy as journalistic tactics, the Olympics have become a pressure test for athletes: either falter and face widespread criticism, or rise to the occasion and become a national icon.