Beneath the Surface: An Exposition of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

However, within this framework of bilateral competition and hegemonic footing, the responses of recipient countries, voices of the local people, and the long-term collateral damage to the environment are forgotten. Their stories are untold.

La democracia peruana en riesgo — Una mirada a la candidatura de Pedro Castillo

Aún así, considerando que la crisis institucional tiende a amplificar los llamados al cambio drástico, existe la posibilidad de que el Perú pudiera ser gobernado, en unos meses, por un Marxista-Leninista. Una mirada exhaustiva al manifiesto de su partido, escrito el año pasado, revelará los peligros aterradores que representa esta posibilidad para la consolidación de un Perú próspero y democrático.

Peruvian Democracy at Risk: A Review of Pedro Castillo’s Presidential Candidacy

Since moments of institutional crisis tend to amplify calls for drastic change, there remains the possibility that Peru could be governed by a Marxist-Leninist in a few months’ time. An exhaustive look into his party’s 2020 manifesto will reveal just how dangerous this prospect is to the consolidation of a democratic and prosperous Peru.

Around the World for a COVID-19 Shot: An Ethical Examination of Vaccine Tourism

When we’re forced to make unethical decisions, we have to demand better of the people in power. Asking for inherent inequalities to benefit the least-advantaged requires both acknowledging that these inequalities exist and that they have feasible solutions.

Myanmar in Crisis: Amid the Struggle for Democracy, Where Do the Rohingya Belong?

“He is an artist, so he used his platform to speak out against the military junta,” Stanley said. “And we haven’t heard from him. And we’re very nervous.”