Spring 2021

Rachel Folmar

Gabriel Colburn

Joaquin Lara Midkiff

Mafalda von Alvensleben

Josie Steuer Ingall

Fall 2020

Nick Jacobson

Victoria Chung

Philip Mousavizadeh

Summer 2020

Pranav Senthilvel on data and AI

Eric Krebs on urban policy post-COVID-19


Joe Peck on the reconstruction of global politics

Neha Middela on under-represented literary fiction

Zahra Yarali on public education

Timothy Han on faith and politics


Daevan Mangalmurti on life for immigrant and “guest” Americans


Sarah McKinnis on space exploration and politics

Isabella Li on discrimination in healthcare

Wei-Ting Shih on comparative international politics

Aidan Campbell on rural life and politics

Spring 2020

Sindhura Siddapureddy on mental health and healthcare

Isiuwa Omoigui on race and politics

Joe Peck on the death of European liberalism

Fall 2019

Weronika Betta on human rights crises

Kevin Xiao on political polarization

Olivia Tan on water politics around the world

Summer 2019

Allison Park on NYC politics

Lizzie Bjork on the 2020 democratic candidates

Catherine Zou on culture

Mina Caraccio on Catalan politics

Spring 2019

Oona Holahan on movies and TV

Joe Peck on American and European politics

Claire Kalikman on culture

Kevin Han on Asian politics

Fall 2018

Jorge Familiar Avalos on Mexican politics

Jacob Hutt on American politics

Abby Lee on the politics of culture