Eric Stern on Hannity’s College Forum Special

Everyone wants the American dream to be there.  It’s been said before and it should be said again that there’s far more that unites us than divides us.  This is a perfect example.  You [Hannity] were talking earlier about working your way through college–you think that you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps.  That’s amazing; that’s awesome; and that’s what everyone should be able to do.  We just differ on how to get there.

Eric Stern, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Politicjoined Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News primetime show.  The “College Forum Special” on Hannity featured students–seven Democrats and seven Republicans–from colleges around the country.  Stern, representing Yale University, held his ground against Hannity’s fierce interrogation. “I question the premise of the entire question,” Stern retorted, when Hannity asked how much of each dollar he earns he should get to keep.

Watch the segment below.


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  1. How has nobody commented on this? This was a great show, that hosted some great point of views from some of America’s brightest. Eric Stern was very articulate, and able to deliver his stance with a fluid delivery that seemed a little more polished then some of his peers. I didn’t agree with a lot of the Democrats on there, but that could be expected. I especially like when Hannity tripped up every Democrat on the “How much of every dollar should you keep” question. It was interesting to watch them squirm at the mere thought of giving a straight answer on that question. I believe Hannity had them dead to rights on that one. From my own point of view; I can’t understand how someone could say in good conscious that they are okay with giving 60,70, or 80% of what they earn to the government. It boggles the mind. It was good to see that Democrats and Republicans are starting to find some common ground on gay marriage. I think while both sides were able to agree that immigration reform was necessary, a solution for what to do with those who have already violated the law is still a ways away. I enjoyed the show and my hats off to the panel of college kids. Very impressive

  2. I watched the forum with interest. It was rather obvious that the “DEMOCRATIC” students are in bed with Obama. They have been listening to their liberal professors. It’s not unusual for students that age to be altruistic. They have not been exposed to the cold cruel world…. Hopefully they will wise up one day.

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