While the 2016 American presidential primary cycle is heating up with fierce debates and mighty campaign videos, a race to the south of the equator is reaching its climax. The Argentine general presidential race will culminate with a runoff on November 22 between center-left candidate Daniel Scioli and the current mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri. Macri, as a “Republican Proposal” candidate, if elected, would change the trend of Peronist Kirchnerism that has reigned in Argentine politics since 2003. Macri is now ahead in the polls and the Argentine people seem to be ready for a change. Yet it would be unjust to bid current president Cristina Kirchner farewell without recognizing her flaws. And so our countdown begins:

5. Alberto Nisman’s Death—A Cover-Up?

On July 18, 1994, Iranian terrorists bombed Argentina’s largest Jewish organization. Prosecutor Alberto Nisman went on to investigate this act for over 10 years, claiming it was the result of efforts by Cristina Kirchner to improve trade benefits with Iran and Hezbollah through a series of furtive negotiations. On January 18 of this year, only four days after Nisman officially accused Kirchner of the cover-up (what he called a “criminal conspiracy”), he was found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment. He had even stated the previous day that he may not “get out of this alive.” While Hillary Clinton’s emails are the subject for overwhelming bipartisan scrutiny, online messages seem to pale in comparison to these accusations against Kirchner.

4. Her Twitter Game—Not So Strong


The tweet above was issued by Kirchner’s account after a trip to China for negotiations on economic agreements, and it translates to: “More than 1,000 participants at the event…Are they all from the Campola and only here for the lice and petloleum?” She is clearly alluding to the difficulty Chinese speakers may encounter in pronouncing “rice,” “petroleum,” and the “Campora”—the youth wing of her political party.


Here she calls out the American FBI, writing: “FMI+FBI against Argentina. Don’t be scared, the FBI is the International Vulture Fund.” Having already antagonized the Chinese, it is unclear what Kirchner hoped to accomplish with this jab, especially amidst the process of her country defaulting to several American banks.

3. Her Scientific Expertise

In 2012, as the quality of public high schools and universities in her country declined, Kirchner joked, “In high school, the only thing I learned was that water is H2O. That is as far as I got.” This surely comes as a message of reassurance for all Americans concerned about Barack Obama’s academic performance at Occidental. Following her short-lived career in chemistry, Kirchner took a stab at medicine. In a March 2013 speech, she stated, “Diabetes is a rich person’s illness, because they’re sedentary and eat a lot.” Let us also not forget the time when Kirchner praised the aphrodisiacal nature of barbecued pork, describing the perks of a heaping plate of barbecue for one’s sexual drive as stronger than those of Viagra.

2. Her Modesty

Donald Trump has created his campaign around a colossally egotistical persona, and some of Cristina’s more declarative remarks seem like self-promotion for Trump’s VP spot. After announcing changes to Argentine civil and commercial codes in March 2012, Kirchner felt “a bit like Napoleon” in the moment without a legislative body to oversee her actions. Kirchner seems to hold a special place for her 5 foot 6 French revolutionary, as she referenced Napoleon again—this time in comparison with her husband, Nestor—after paying off $5.9 Billion in bonds to the United States this past spring. “Who do you think paid the first share—Napoleon, Julius Caesar, or Nestor Kirchner?” she asked alongside then mayor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli. “Yep, you guessed it, Nestor Kirchner.”

1. Inflation

While making not-so-PC comments about host countries and flubbing on scientific concepts certainly doesn’t boost popularity ratings, inflation may have been the most damaging crippling issue for Kirchner. Argentina has two measures of the peso, the country’s official currency. There is the stubbornly government-moderated “official” value, and then there is the “blue”—or black market—rate. Since 2011, there has been a notably increasing dichotomy between these two values, whose value gap now lies at a frightening 70%. This leaves either Scioli or Macri in an overwhelmingly difficult position as Argentina’s next president, having to compensate for these inflation figures to appease skeptical creditors worldwide. Many economists have predicted a depletion of the peso’s value to reduce inflation, and economic recession is probable.

Though Kirchner was never known to build bridges, she had little trouble building enemies. The race between Macri or Scioli (Kirchner’s hand-picked candidate) remains neck and neck, yet Macri’s recent jump in polls can only bode well for anti-Kirchner hopefuls in the upcoming runoff. Regardless of the election’s result, the Argentine people—crying tyranny and fascism out to the Andes—anxiously await an end to Kirchnerismo.

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  1. Macri also favours creating a better working relationship with the U.K. and easing off on the Malvinas rhetoric. Great idea as that mythical Malvinas stuff is wearing a bit thin, Google: ‘Argentina’s Illegitimate Sovereignty Claims’ to find out why.

        1. You would had answer the same thing, a hundred years ago, about India… Let’s sit and wait.

          1. The concept that Argentina had inherited the Falkland
            Islands from Spain is false. The law of the time did not accept inheritance
            without settlement and stated that ‘an
            unopposed settlement of some years was necessary” before sovereignty
            was accepted. (The Law of Nations,
            Vattel, Cpt XI, p337) Vernet had
            sought permission from the British consul in BUENOS AIRES on two occasions to
            establish “his” colonies and the British protested when he was
            appointed military and political governor by the BA. authorities. Jewett had no
            settlement. The concept of uti possidetis juris (inheritance of Spain) is only
            the customary international law, applicable to those who choose to use it.
            Great Britain, France and Brazil have never opted to use uti possidetis juris
            and UPJ has “never” be used in “any” court or tribunal
            “without the consent of both parties.

            Acquisitive Prescription

            The UK has publically and
            peacefully possessed the Falklands for over 150 years an adequate time for
            acquisitive prescription (Boundary Between British Guiana and Venezuela 3 Oct

            The majority rule is that
            mere protests do not suffice indefinitely; they become useless without further
            efforts to arbitrate the dispute (Chamizal Arbitration US and Mexico 1911).
            Argentina has had since 1899 with the formation of the Permanent Court of
            Arbitration, a competent body, to bring its claim to arbitration. Therefore acquisitive prescription provides
            the UK with a resilient claim to the Falklands.

            The International Court of Justice has confirmed in a
            judgment and four advisory opinions that ‘the right to self-determination is
            applicable to all the non-self -governing territories.”(Legal Consequences for States of the Continued Presence of South Africa in Namibia 1971, P31-32; Western Sahara Advisory Opinion 1975, p68, para 162; East Timor Judgment 1995,
            para 29; Legal Consequences of Wall in Occupied Palestinian Territory 2004,
            p171-172 para 88 and the Kosovo
            Advisory Opinion of 2010, p37, para 79).

            There are no exceptions. In regard to this, on 20 October 2008
            the United Nations General Assembly rejected a motion from Spain and Argentina
            to place restrictions on the right to self-determination determining that it
            was a fundamental right. In the light of the ICJ 1995 East Timor Judgment, the
            United Nations International Law Commission and the UN Human Rights Commission
            regard the right to self-determination as ‘jus cogens’ (compelling law).

          2. Wow. What a load of blah blah. The only reason why you possess those islands is force. As long as you are stronger, you’ll keep them. Simple as that. As soon as we get the advantage, you’ll be forced out. It may never happen, so, chill.

          3. Conquest & Subjugation. In order to obtain a territory by this method
            the following takes place: (i) the conquering power must establish the
            conquest; (ii) the state of war must have ended; (iii) the conquering nation
            must annex the territory. In the 19th century, ‘the right of making war
            belonged to every nation’ and ‘a formal declaration of war to the enemy was not
            necessary.’ Vattel described was as,
            ‘War is the state in which we prosecute our right by force.’

            Argentina claims that in 1833 the British threatened
            to use greater force and demanded surrender of their settlement.

            In this respect Argentina carried out her conquest of
            Patagonia in 1878.

          4. Blue and white. I lived in war times. Just a drunk general leading primary people to fanatic disaster.

          5. If claim is fair, maybe Argentina put the claim at an international Court like chile and peru did. She does not do because there are not legitimated rights for Argentina.

          6. No. Not should this matter be resolved in one. The UN is what was created by countries to discuss. That is the place.

          7. All diferendos about soverignity must be resolved in courts or by laudos. UN is only an assembly, just for recomend.

          8. not the security council, cristina. It seems you have to go back to your studies on how the UN works. The SC have the mandate to pass BINDING resolutions, this is where the five permanent members have a VETO power, among them, the UN and the UK so it is OBVIOUS that the Malvinas issue cannot be subjected to them, because the UK is party to the claim.

          9. the inhabitants of the islands CHOSE to remain in the UK. Of course people who descend from the colonisers will choose so. It is a no-brainer

          10. Force is how they keep them. They possessed them by having actual people living there, unlike Argentina. Of course, you could try to take them back, but your have to patch up your ships that are sinking in the harbor.

          11. Southern – Arena agreement was passed by Rosas (governor of rio de la plata) in 1849, and he implicitly left islands to Great Britain. Thing is prescribed.

          12. Argentina can not use uti possidetis because she denegates that institution against Chile that claim for patagonia.

          13. More than half of argentinien people wants to end malvinas stuff. People of islands must live their lifes in peace. CFK used the item for burn out nationalistic passions.

    1. Ha Ha Imagine an argie drone could spray soap,hot water and some deodorant over Stanley by the night: by sunset ,most kelpers could be scaping like in B movies .Gimme a break and go to back to Beatles memorabilia 🙂

      1. There will be no Argentine drones. Import restrictions make it impossible to get the parts. Ushuaia only spits out piss-poor laptops.

    2. Absolutely, and I say so as an Argentinian: We do not have any legit claim to the Falkland Islands. They were always British, the Spaniards took them briefly, and sold them back to us (after they had already returned them to the British). The only possible claim is territorial (that is, based on how close they are to our shore), which is a bit thin, specially since it’s not accompanied by any historical occupation of the Islands. In any case, Argentina claiming the Falklands when we’re not even populating Patagonia or taking care of our borders is preposterous. In a century we haven’t been able to provide a bridge or a reliable Ferry to join Tierra del Fuego to the continent, imagine what we could do about the damn Islands. We have more important stuff to focus on. But, you know, saying the Falklands are ours is the Peronist equivalent of god save the queen/america, just empty campaign rhetoric.

      1. Another so called “argentine” showing its true colors. Want to make a poll in Argentina to see if your position is held by more than 10%?

        1. Cerra el orto kakito ardido. Acordate de grabar 678 de aca al 10 de Diciembre, asi tenes algo para ver despues de que se vaya la conchuda. Que vas a hacer ahora que te tenes que conseguir un empleo honesto? Especialmente considerando que va a estar dificil, porque salvo para lavar platos, el 60% de la poblacion (que contiene el 95% de la gente que importa) no contrata Kirchneristas. Empeza a practicar frente al espejo: “Le agrando el combo?”

  2. is this what passes for journalism these days? I’m no fan of Mrs Kirchner, and happy to see her go, but all these points above are shabbily researched. You assume too much from rumour and hearsay and little from an understanding of Argentina, the context of what she did/said and when, or straight and proven facts.

  3. When she was talking about water she said “H20” not “H2O” as if a water molecule were formed by 20 Hidrogen atoms… from that on is that her ignorance can be pondered.

    1. Huge mistake of her’s… As a president she should be able to cook Coca-Cola syrup using elements from a regular kitchen…

  4. If we are intellectually honest, we cant say that Argentina is tyrannical and fascist without saying that America is a corporative nazi expansionist police state, Right?

        1. Camporo = Abreviation of CAMPORA (youth branch of CFK movement, just like SS to Hitler). We also say CAMPORONGO meaning CAMPORO (young , violent cfk follower) and PORONGO (= dick)

          1. Well, the ss were not the youth branch of the nazi party. That was the hitler youth. However, answering to your accusation, I might say I’m not a member of any political party.

          2. It better for me. Camporos are ss for CRISTINA KIRCHNER, they always say they are not camporos.

    1. First of all, he didn’t say that and he wrote about Cristina Fernandez, not about Argentina. Learn to read or understand what you read. CFK does not equal Argentina.

      1. He says tyranny and fascism exist in Argentina as part of a regime. That is not correct. The USA is closer to that in fact.

        1. Why is that every time someone criticizes Argentina ass-clowns like you try to deflect the criticism elsewhere? Argentina has become a shithole in the last 6 years. Blaming or deflecting isn’t going to help change it.

          1. I’m sad you don’t like it, but Argentina is not a shithole. But that is not the point. The point is, that words have a meaning. And if you say something like that, from the USA, it sounds like China speaking of civil liberties. A nonsense.

  5. Oh my God! Now you must prepare for thousands of stuff of CAMPOROS coming here to shout and scream. Just wait.

      1. Most of them are universitarian people , from humanistics curricula. They are living in 70 decade. They have very good payed state jobs.

        1. Ha Ha .Most american try to live in the 70s but without any job.Good auld times :they could invade any country,bomb Vietnam,support criminals in LATAM ,support he IMF :vintage,vintage

          1. Cold war and communist propaganda. Montoneros putting bombs everywhere. Beautiful times, are not?

    1. Wrong I am not a Camporist Wrong I dont shout Right :Your are morons :in the end not surprising :for many years american intellectuals considered Batista ,Cao Ky,Somoza ,Pinochet,Videla as smart and decent guys ,so if the judge is normally wrong , the defendants are mostly innocent ….

        1. Do not assume . Ego sum qui sum Dirty meaning is in dirty minds .Maybe my LN is Phijar and I am from and India and I joke on this .Dont act as former MacNamara that invented the rationals on war and ended up irrational and a loser 🙂

          1. Read my lips: I am a pija nor a camporist.I do not belong to any argie payroll.I am the devil :BUUUU

          2. You are an argentinien camporo, for people who read: bergoglio is Papa Francisco, used to be intimate enemy of cfk.

          3. If I were a camporist , I would praise bergoglio .I am a serpe inmundissima ,a devil or a legio of devils: baptismal water is boiling :call pio laghi or some friends .

          4. Devil loves beauty like a bug the flowers :so no eros for chris or jorge :they are as ugly as medieval saints & sinners .For me :just nice chicks ,cash ,tanatos and nemesis

  6. Hi. Please correct: “she asked alongside then mayor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli. “. The Mayor Of Buenos Aires City is Mauricio Macri, just the one running for President frontal the oposicition. Daniel Scioli, the governmental candidate for president is the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires. Two different things: Buenos Aires City and Buenos Aires Province: Mauricio Macri and Daniel Scioli.

  7. Cristina Kirchnner will be back soon 2019/2020 …Que ilusos “todos” ya estamos en campaña para que Cristina vuelva a ser Presidenta. ((((NO FUE MAGIA))))

    1. El rostro de Cristina ya parece un escroto. Para cuando llegue el 2019, va estar más fea que sus hijos.

    2. No pudieron generase un puto candidato propio en 12 años y sueñan con volver en 2019. Mas boludos no pueden ser.

  8. Just five reasons? Did you only have 30 seconds to write this article? I can think of about 50 reasons, just of the top of my head…

  9. mayor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli. :that is your intel data best gathering ? Man ,u are morons with drones 🙂

    1. They can confuse for homonimus buenos aires , the city and the province. BUENOS AIRES CITY (named CABA) is an autonomical city , federal capital of argentina. BUENOS AIRES PROVINCE is a district , capital La Plata.

  10. First Bet :cristina back in 2019,If this happened in Chile ,why not in argentina .Only complaint :many people will die and suffer along the four years :society is frail and ill prepared to street fighting

      1. Chevron contract first of all. Hotesur money laundry second, Nisman murder and iran deal third…. prison.

      2. The only peace Argentina can foresee with Macri is the peace of starvation and coroner office .Besides ,one can be elected even being in jail 🙂

          1. Without a conviction u can ,not just on trial .Please do not follow the teachings of Nisman or Carrio :loser as lawyers 🙂

          2. Nisman was the most brillant prosecutor of country, He was defeated by a bullet, not for a trial.

          3. Besides the sad death ,he had ‘no case’ as they say in the US : it means a judge and the appeal court rejected mr nisman request ,so …..

          4. Oh yes he had no case that is why no judge had enoguh courage to open his proves, and government terrorized judge to close the case whitout a process. We are son stupid , all of us, except cfk s camporos.

          5. Jahh _next time some friends should try a better ghost writer for the next nisman-to-be.Hint :US penal system is bad for argentine law standards : you cannot indict with a love statement or newspapers collection.

          6. Next time, supreme court will re open cases by COSA JUZGADA IRRITA and Nisman denounce will be re open by a dozen of crimes it contains. Memorandum with iran is being declared inconstituional and CFK will go to jail.

          7. Nisman collected thousand of hours of phone conversations and dozens of proves about conspiration to hide a lesa humanidad crime (amia)

          8. crime against humanity, Cristina. Terrorism has no statute of limitation internationally speaking.

          9. On stupidity :as jesus said,when asked by bad priests :You have said that Not me ( mateo 24)

    1. Nobody in argentina is preparing to street fignting, people is eager of PEACE after all this damned years.

  11. Nisman was a hero, said Pilar Rahola (spain journalist) yesterday, and argentinien people aclaimed her.

  12. Aside of the inflation issue, and the death of Nisman attorney, none of the rest are relevant points… Yellowish BS I say…

  13. I cannot believe how anyone can take this article seriously. Four of these “arguments” are simply ridiculous. As an Argentinian who is politically active, I’m used to criticism to the president Kirchner in many angles. In some cases I agree, some others I don’t. But to resume twelve years of governorship (considering the amount of politics which anyone could praise or criticise) saying “she made a bad joke about chinese people” or “she’s so egocentric” is clearly an un-political way of seeing the facts. It wouldn’t bother me if it was just that, but to see that many people in the comments agree that these are the kind of issues that matter really saddens me. I try my best to deny that politics in the U.S. is NOT another scandalous story fueled by paparazzi. But to read this in a website named “thepoliticbackend.org” it’s kind of disappointing. THESE are the kind of articles which take people like Trump to the presidential race. THIS is why a TV mogul like Donald or a Hollywood actor like Arnold can get into the government without ANY experience in politics or any formation. And I don’t even want to mention the amount of misleading and out of context quotes in the article…

    1. good observation. Plus the inaccuracy of categorically stating that it was the Iranians who bombed the AMIA. Yet not judicially established, hence, still an allegation.

  14. We are all going to miss her sooo much!! She’ve done a lot of things for all of us, even for those who didn’t like her.

  15. Finally corruption will be out! Cristina Kirchner is really cynical, arrogant and she has a lot of accusations of money laundering. Máximo Kirchner (CKF´s son) have declared 36.000.000 of Argentine $ and he has never worked! They have no shame! and this is only a tiny example of Kirchner´s corruption and impunity.

    1. they have acquired their wealth through speculation and legal manouvering. A disgrace for the profession of lawyers. If she ever was one.

  16. I am certainly not fan of hers at all and agree that it is a disgrace that Nisman’s murder has not been properly and diligently investigated, as well as the bombing of the AMIA in 1994. So stating as a matter of fact that it was Iranians who bombed it, since it has not been established judicially, is a big error. Add the word “allegedly”. Otherwise, your statement is inaccurate.

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