For God, For Country… and For YCC President

dannyFor the first time in Yale College Council history, multiple executive board races — including that for president — are uncontested.  Luckily for us, the sole presidential candidate, Danny Avraham ‘15, has the vision and institutional knowledge to lead next year’s YCC. Avraham, the organization’s current vice president and an Admissions Office tour guide, knows as well as anyone the diminished credibility the YCC has among students.  The Politic is confident Avraham has the skills to begin to fix this. For this reason, we endorse Danny Avraham to lead the Yale College Council next year.

In his endorsement interview, Avraham — who has already worked to reform the Credit/D/Fail policy — outlined his proposals for next year’s YCC. His primary objective is to fix flaws with the organization’s structure and standing among students. He proposes creating three new YCC executive board positions — directors for academics, student life and University services — as well as establishing a closer relationship with the incoming Salovey administration. Avraham also says he will reform Yale’s alcohol policy so that students will not hesitate to call for help in a drinking-related medical emergency. These are commonsense plans that we believe Avraham can implement.

Avraham’s experience as an international student — and time serving in the Israeli military — will bring a fresh perspective to the YCC. Although he will be 25 next year, we believe his age will not diminish his ability to relate to his peers. Indeed, we are confident Avraham’s unique background will allow him to better connect with Yale’s atypical and often underrepresented students.

Avraham is unopposed in this race. (The Politic’s endorsement interview with Avraham was interrupted not once, but twice, by shouts of, “Hello Mr. President.”) Nonetheless, it is important that students come together to support his candidacy. For better or for worse, the Yale College Council is the largest microphone available for students to amplify their concerns and complaints to the administration.  It is in all of our best interests that we unite behind Avraham — so as to give him the support and legitimacy needed to accomplish the ambitious promises that he has made.

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