Quick Recap:

  • Sansa takes Littlefinger down a few pegs (only to immediately fall for his tricks again?)
  • White Walkers: environmental terrorism gone wrong?
  • Hodor = Hold the Door?
  • Brienne “No Vacation for You” of Tarth on yet another quest?

More Thoughts:

Let’s start with a moment of silence for our favorite half-giant, Hodor.  The White Walker Army hasn’t even slowed in the face of armies or magic, but Hodor is able to “Hold the Door” and keep them at bay to let Bran escape.  I’m going to miss his freakish strength.

Bran, meanwhile, invites disaster onto the three-eyed raven.  I honestly got really tired of the Bran plotline in prior seasons and for a few episodes it finally seemed liked he was going a character I could get behind.  In true GOT fashion, however, Bran screws up big time, managing to kill both his mentor and his best friend Hodor.  Nice work buddy.

This episode saw what seemed like a hybrid between World War Z and Interstellar.  Bran is back with boyhood Hodor while the disaster he caused is taking hold and somehow receives a message from the present in the past that causes a seizure in past Hodor while present Hodor saves everyone’s bacon.  That’s going to need a lot more explaining and I somehow doubt there is a real-life physics explanation for this one.

Sidenote:  Can we get more than a single short flashback about where the white walkers come from?  Could the Children not express just a little more remorse for creating the scourge of the world to protect their environment from the humans?

Sidenote 2:  Why couldn’t the Knights’ Watch get those little orb grenades? Those would have been quite useful a season ago.

Back at the wall, Sansa seems to be falling for Littlefinger’s tricks again.  Just as she is reunited with Jon and seems to be coming into her own, she takes two steps backwards and falls for Littlefinger’s ploy.  Boy do I hate him.  I suspect he’ll be around for quite a while though.

It’s only been a few episodes since Brienne found and saved Sansa, and she gets sent off on yet another quest.  Brutal.  Brienne really isn’t made to settle down in one spot I guess.  I hope she doesn’t get tired of journeying around, for her sake.

On the Iron Islands, Yara and Theon get oh so close to the throne, before it gets stolen by their uncle Euron (who, incidentally, also murdered their Dad).  Euron makes the bold promise to marry Daenerys and conquer the world, which wins him a ticket to the throne by way of a ritual drowning.  Doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of logical sense, but, who knows, maybe the Iron Born will finally do something important to the show?

Daenerys, a.k.a. Khaleesi again, continues her off-again on-again love story (he wishes) with Jorah.  I feel bad for him, but she comes out of that tough situation looking about as queenly as can be.



  • Is Daenerys just going to show up at Mereen with the entire Dothraki population? The logistics of her soon-to-be empire might be resolved by Yara Greyjoy if she shows up with the Iron Born navy.  Just a thought.
  • The long-awaited clash between the Tyrell-Lannisters (Margaery should really consider hyphenating) and the forces of the High Sparrow should be coming pretty soon.
  • Jon will surely find out about Sansa’s little lie. That won’t be pretty.








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