Welcome to The Politic’s State of the Union Liveblog! Nothing sends a thrill up our legs more than seeing all our favorite (and least favorite) politicos in one room, cheering, jeering, doing way too many standing ovations, and engaging in antics memorable enough to birth new memes.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t 100% sober at the last SOTU. And on this, President Obama’s last one, will he and the rest of the Democrats turn up? Or will the President use this as last shot to set the agenda for 2016?

Join us here at 9pm to find out!

Our livebloggers:

Azeezat Adeleke ’17, Co-Editor in Chief

Jackson Beck ’17, Blog Editor Emeritus

Josh Hochman ’18, Copy Editor

Michael Mei ’18, Online Editor

Olivia Paschal ’18, Copy Editor

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