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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 9.35.19 AM// Demystifying the World of Political ModelingThis fall’s election night will not only pit Democrats against Republicans and pundits against analysts: models will also be going head-to-head.

// House Spotlight, Part IWith November 4 less than a week away, we take a look at the most exciting House races taking place across the country.

// Senate Ratings, One Week OutWith one week until the election, we have a raft of changes in our Senate ratings.

// The Nailbiters, Gubernatorial Edition: We look at our final set of gubernatorial races. 

// The Nailbiters, Senate EditionWe profile our last five Senate races; they were the toss-ups as of two weeks ago, but only one of them still sits in that category.  

// Four Weeks Out: Where things stand in races across the country.

// Gubernatorial Leaners: Taking a closer look at the governor’s races that are up for grabs.

// Ratings Updates for the Week of September 15: Updates on races across the country, from the full-fledged disaster in Ohio to the “devouring” going on in Pennsylvania.

// Senate Leaners: Profiling the close contests in New Hampshire, Michigan, Colorado, Georgia, and Kentucky.

// Showdown in the Sunflower StateWill one of America’s reddest states feel blue this November?

// Gubernatorial MoonshotsTackling the long-shot opportunities in this year’s thirty-six gubernatorial elections, from least to most competitive.

// Senate Moonshots: The races we’re not quite ready to write off.

// Stage II of the Republican Civil War: This election cycle, the civil war between establishment and insurgent elements in the Republican Party has moved firmly into the trenches.

// Governor Malloy Rallies Yale Dems: Ahead of a tough re-election fight, Malloy visited Yale to rally the college vote.

Senate Map 29

Governor Map (2)



Compiled by JP Meredith.

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