Caleb Thomson (Yale SOM 17), Head of Compliance and Regulation at Swiss Realty

“I suspect it could take much longer to implement than the most ardent enthusiasts will insist, and the real opportunity is in doing something practical that either helps existing financial professionals to be more productive, or somehow automates back-office activities and budgets.”

Angela Ramirez (YC 12), Software Engineer at Livepeer, Ethereum-based Video Encoding Platform

“It’s a small industry compared to other industries, but that just makes it all the more exciting. I love it. I love my job. It’s a great opportunity to come up with fresh ideas and make a difference.”

Ted Lanpher (YC 77), Co-founder of Pareto Network, P2P Financial Content Marketplace

“Now, blockchain is just the latest technology platform which can deliver investment information; we believe that we’re pioneering how this latest generation of technology transforms market research and the sharing of investment information.”