Decoding the Nevada Caucuses and South Carolina Primary Results

The results are pouring in from last weekend, but what exactly do they mean? The South Carolina Primary and the Nevada Caucuses helped narrow the field of real contenders in this election. It seems the real candidate “weeding” of the season has begun.

Now at the Head of the Republican Field, Where Does Ted Cruz Go From Here?

Much to Donald Trump’s terror, Ted Cruz is rapidly becoming the Republican front runner. What can we make of this new lead? What might a Cruz ticket mean for the Republican party?

What Scalia’s Death Tells Us About Our Political System

If the Senate blocks the nomination of a new justice, 4-4 rulings might appear this coming summer. What does this mean about America’s political situation, if the judicial branch fails to fulfill its role?

Humans of New York: Activism Beyond Photography

Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York, spoke in Battel on February 9th about the power of storytelling in photography. For Stanton, Humans of New York is about telling the stories of random people and humanizing them in the eyes of the spectator.