Ian Panchèvre (YC 15), Ex-PM of Intuit’s Blockchain R&D Initiative (Part 2)

“Bitcoin did peak in late 2017, early 2018– and it has since contracted. If this were really the future of digital commerce, the future of money, the future of web infrastructure– you wouldn’t expect it to take a huge step backwards. But it did, and that’s because it’s mostly hype-driven.”

Will Janensch (YC 95), Founder and CEO of TruSet

“I would go to these highly technical meetups, take notes, and do extensive research afterwards. I didn’t understand 90 percent of what people were saying, but I wanted to grasp complex topics like “elliptic-curve cryptography” nevertheless.”

Sarah Meyohas (Yale MFA 15), Inventor of BitchCoin and Director of MEYOHAS Gallery

“The way that artists give value to photographs is by creating scarcity, or by limiting the number of prints they create. It’s really no different than the government printing money and limiting supply.”

Vincent McPhillip (YC 10), Head of Community at Pi Network

“I kept asking myself, ‘Why can’t people generate wealth for these important acts of service that they provide to each other?’ This question was at the heart of my journey into crypto and blockchain.”

Sandra Ro (YC 96), CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council

“What I see here is not just tech but a convergence of tech and data with society, law, regulation, money, financial services, and other fields in the humanities.”