Agnes Budzyn (Yale Club Finance Committee), ConsenSys Managing Director for the Office of the CEO

“It’s new, it’s emerging, it’s changing, and because of that, there’s so much opportunity to not only create and grow in the space, but actually to strategize, to influence its future development, and to become an expert in a very short period of time.”

Antonio Simeone (Financial Markets Certificate ’14), Co-Founder and Algorithmic Trader at Euklid

“If you give legal value to information that is registered immutably on the blockchain, then you don’t need to pay $50 thousand every year just to have another company reconciling numbers.”

YCC Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates: Saloni Rao and Heidi Dong

ASL offered for credit. The Domestic Summer Award. The First-Year Handbook. This past year, the YCC has been instrumental in instituting a number of major changes on campus. These came as the result of advocacy and careful thought, and though they took a lot of time, their implementation was the culmination of a lot of […]