Politic Podcast: Episode 2 – Who Ugonna Vote For?

Welcome to the second episode of The Politic’s newest project, The Politic Podcast. In this episode, we discuss Sarah Eidelson’s election victory and whether canvassing works after all. Next, we speed date and then interview Ugonna Eze, the Republican candidate for Ward 1. (What’s the most recent lie he told? Find out!) And as always, we conclude with our Rumor Mill.

Show notes:

[0:49] Discussing the Ward 1 primary results

[3:16] So does canvassing work?

[4:15] Yale Security’s canvasser policy

[6:15] Speeddating with Ugonna Eze

[9:30] Real questions for Ugonna

[18:50] The rumor mill – Ugonna spits hot fire


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