We, along with the candidates, practically collapsed at the finish line of the last marathon GOP debate. (Dear CNN: never again.) But the race continues! Join The Politic Wednesday night at 8pm as we liveblog the CNBC debate, curiously titled, “Your Vote, Your Money.” (If we were in charge, we would have called it “Trick or Trump,” obviously.)

While we’ve been away:

  • Donald Trump is down in the polls and his reaction is basically this.
  • Jeb! trimmed his campaign staff and said something embarrassing (and endearing? Like your awkward uncle who just doesn’t know when to stop?)
  • Ben Carson rises like a rocket, even though it seems like he says every wrong thing at once.
  • Fiorina bounced in the polls – but will she be able to hold on?
  • Scott Walker just bounced.
  • Anddddd Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich will be there, too! Hopefully in costume.

Our livebloggers:

  • JP Meredith, Elections Correspondent
  • Gabriel Groz, Politic Contributor
  • Alexander Gerszten, Politic Contributor 
  • William Vester, Politic Contributor 

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