Watch the Iron Throne: GOT Season 6, Episode 8 – ‘No One’

Quick Recap:

-Arya finally becomes no one, just to realize she’s still Arya Stark

-confirmation that Jamie really, really has a thing for Cersei

-The Hound kicks some ass

-Tyrion pushes alcohol as only an alcoholic can


I hope I’m not the only one who felt let down by “No One.”  So many pieces have been coming together in recent episodes and it felt like the show was building towards something epic in the last few episodes.  It felt like the show spent so much time promoting next week’s episode “Battle of the Bastards” (which looks really cool) that they forgot to produce quality content this week.  The storylines felt empty and the show’s plot seems to have gone nowhere.  “No One” seemed to be fueled solely by one liners, some of which were really funny, but just didn’t have the feel of a Game of Thrones Episode 8.

Let’s start with the Blackfish and the castle at Riverrun.  I’ll try to keep my feelings in check, but I have to say, this might be the most completely useless plotline I’ve seen in all six seasons of Game of Thrones.  To recap, the producers brought back a minor character who we assumed was dead, made him important for two episodes, and then killed him off-screen.  You might assume that this plotline helped do something else for the show.  You would be wrong.  Honestly it appears that the siege was just a ploy to send Brienne on yet another quest and to get Jamie out of King’s Landing.

Moreover, the way the siege ended was just so corny.  The Blackfish’s troops are surrounded, ready to die to defend their homeland.  Then their broken, captured lord shows up at the gates and commands them to surrender… so they just do it?  I mean are you serious?  Maybe there is some hidden insight that I’m missing, but this plotline is a major blight on what has been a great season.

On to Arya.  I’ll say it again, I love Arya.  She might be my favorite character.  But the way her time with the Many-Faced Assassins ended felt rushed and empty.  Let’s overlook the fact that she was nearly fatally stabbed, was still able to leap two story jumps, and could then sprint away from the Waif.  Sure I would love to see Arya kill the Waif, but the way it happened just seemed corny.  And that last scene with Jacqen had so much potential, but it just fell flat for me.  At least Arya’s going back to Westeros.

Other highlights.  Did anyone else think those ships were from the Iron Islands?  I sure did.  Like everyone every other GOT fan, I don’t love Cersei.  However, watching Tommen betray his mother is pretty angering.  He’s not Joffrey, but I’m starting to hate King Tommen for how weak he’s become.  The Hound’s now in the Brotherhood Without Banners, really the only place that would take him.


-Dany kicks some Slaver butt.  The Iron Islanders show up and kick some naval butt.  Then Dany and her army get on the Iron Island ships to kick some Westerosi butt.

-The Hound heads to the Wall to fight alongside Jon Snow?

-Arya heads back to Westeros.  How many seasons will it take? One? Two?

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