Before joining YCC at the end of my first year, I didn’t know what to expect. Upperclassmen either had problems with the way YCC was ran or didn’t know anything about the organization. However, this did not deter me. I suppose I was coming back to my roots of Student Government from high school but I wanted to experience YCC for myself. It was also about representation. I saw Sydney Wade as the only black woman on council and this made me uncomfortable. How is a student government supposed to represent the concerns of all students, when not all student voices are represented on the student government? The diversity of council is imperative because YCC has an important role on campus and with administrators. Diversity of council members allow for much more productive conversation to occur. Different people have different experiences and bringing those experiences to the council is only to our benefit.

One of my goals for the upcoming year for YCC is to interact with the student body much more. YCC needs to be revitalized so that it can be the student council the student body needs. There shouldn’t be confusion over what exactly we do, it should be a certainty that we will act on and advocate for student interests to the administration. To start this process, through the creation of a YCC Newsletter, the Yale community would get weekly updates on exactly what YCC is doing at every step of the process. This will allow for accountability on our part and allow the Yale community an insight on what exactly is happening.

Along with the YCC Newsletter, I think it would be nice to feature other student groups in it, what they’re doing and upcoming events they have. As of right now, YCC partners with other student organization for certain events, but the relationship between student organizations should be tighter. Other student organizations should know they are able to come to YCC for any concerns they have and be listened to. YCC should have a way for students to submit suggestions, comments, or concerns so that students are able to submit feedback whenever they want to. This mode of open communication will show students that YCC is willing to listen and put in the work that needs to be done.

These suggestions are only the first step in repairing YCC’s image on campus. YCC has done amazing things for Yale students and the Yale community but it can do so much more. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with students and councilmembers next year to truly start YCC on the path of what it needs to be.


The Politic solicited op-eds from all Yale College Council candidates. We have published those that we received. 


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